Before buying, consider the difference between solar air cooler and an air conditioner

Before buying, consider the difference between solar air cooler and an air conditioner

Looking for an air conditioner? There are two types of coolers that you can get, namely a solar air cooler and an air conditioner. However, both of them have some differences that you may not understand. In order to make it clearer and not to buy it wrong, you should know some of the differences between the solar air cooler and the following air conditioner.

1. In terms of temperature flowed

The use and function of a solar air cooler with an air conditioner is actually a little different. If you just want to get cool air and avoid chills, maybe a solar air cooler can be the solution. Solar air cooler can only reduce the room temperature by 5 degrees Celsius.

Unlike the solar air cooler, the air conditioner can actually change the room temperature to be cooler according to what you want. You can adjust the temperature using the remote control to reach 16 degrees Celsius and raise it again as needed. So, they clearly have different functions, namely cooling by cooling.

2. In terms of economical use of electricity or not

When viewed in terms of electricity use, the solar air cooler is clearly the winner. For those of you who only have a limited budget, you should buy this air conditioner. Solar air cooler is able to save 80% -90% of electricity usage at home, when compared to air conditioner.

The solar air cooler only consumes 7.4 watts to 250 watts. Meanwhile, air conditioner is considered wasteful of electricity, because it can absorb 400 watts to 1100 watts per use. The difference in the amount of electricity drawn has a very significant impact on the monthly bill. For more information about solar air cooler, you can see these video

3. In terms of practicality between the solar air cooler and air conditioner

Solar air cooler has the advantage of practicality. This tool is very easy to move according to your needs. If there are guests who come, you can put them in the living room and move them back to the room or family room if it’s not in use.

The solar air cooler is also equipped with wheels that make it easier for you to slide it, without the need to lift it heavily. On the other hand, air conditioner is not practical. This appliance requires a wall for support and cannot be moved. You have to take it apart if you want to move it to a different room and it takes a long time.

4. In terms of eco friendly

Currently, many people have started to be very aware of the environment. Even some fast food restaurants have reduced the use of plastic waste and straws to keep the earth healthy. One of the easiest and most effective ways to do this is to replace the air conditioner with a solar air cooler.

Solar air cooler works by way of water evaporation process, which occurs naturally. Even this evaporation process occurs in our body when we sweat. So that the solar air cooler is more environmentally friendly. Meanwhile, the air conditioner uses additional compressors and refrigerants to reduce room temperature and produce cold air. This process is able to destroy the ozone layer which makes the earth warmer.

5. In terms of keeping the air humidity

Both of these tools have the same function in keeping the air moist. Air conditioner functions to reduce the air temperature in the room. So that the room can feel cold with a stable temperature. You can also change the temperature as you wish, so that it is not too cold or too hot.

Meanwhile, the solar air cooler has a function that can cool the room by increasing humidity. However, you don’t need to worry about the room feeling stuffy, because this tool is able to absorb moisture and make it cool and fresh. Both of these tools function to prevent the skin from itching, dryness and chapped lips.

Comparison Solar air cooler Air Conditioner
Temperature Soothing Cooling
Electricity 7.4 watts to 250 watts 400 watts to 1100 watts


Practicality More practical and has wheels on the legs Cannot be moved
Eco friendly Solar air cooler works by way of water evaporation process, which occurs naturally. So it is environmentally friendly. The use of freon can damage the ozone layer which makes the earth warmer.
handling Lower the humidity in the air temperature More difficult and costly
Air humidity Easier and more practical Increase in air temperature
Price Cheaper More expensive

6. In terms of maintenance

In terms of maintenance, the solar air cooler is clearly easier than an air conditioner. You only need to clean between the fans and disassemble it to avoid dust getting inside. After cleaning, you can add ice cubes to enjoy cooler and cooler air.

Meanwhile, maintenance or maintenance of an air conditioner is much more difficult than a solar air cooler. You need an additional fee to call a repairman. Next, you also have to add freon so that the temperature that comes out stays cool and isn’t hot.