Fire and water restoration services

A fire may leave devastating smoke behind and water damage could make the living conditions unhealthy. Luckily, there is a way of restoring the home after such a devastating event through fire and water restorationservices. Whether the home becomes a victim of flood or fire, fire and water restorationservices are there to deal up with the mess. Their team is experienced in all types of jobs which are needed to save property after water or fire damage, including odour removal, spot removal, mould remediation and more.

The professionals at fire and water restoration services are certified from reputed institutions and can handle the fire and water damage restoration needs.

Fire and water restoration services include:

  1. Insurance billing
  2. Soot removal
  3. Controlled demolition and remould
  4.  Odour removal
  5. Mould remediation
  6. Moisture monitoring
  7. Drying and dehumidification
  8. Water extraction
  9. Complete cleaning and sanitizing of building and its contents
  10. 24-hour emergency services

Fire damage restoration process

  1. Emergency contact: the best fire restoration companies provide emergency services so that they could quickly provide relief to the affected property. This feature is very important and you must always look for such companies that offer this. Whenever a fire breaks near you, you must immediately contact the emergency services rather than waiting for the situation to get severe.
  2. Assessment: secondly the fire restoration company will assess the damaged extent in the property. This involves looking to how far the soot, smoke, and fire have travelled and seen how badly the furniture and walls are affected. This step is also very important as by understanding the damaged extent, the company can come up with an accurate quote of action and an estimate of how long would it take to manage all the mess.
  3. Tarp and sealing: once the restoration begins, the first thing to do is to prevent the situation from getting worse. A water tank or a burst pipe will help you the best in that case as this will stop the fire from spreading all across the building and creating further damage.
  4. Clean up: the next thing which the damage restoration service will do is the clean up where they will take up the soot, dust, and smoke away from the surface. After a fire, your property will appear to be charred, stained and dark. The company will first clean up all the damage and make your property look at least normal. They will also ensure that no smoke odour is left in the room. This involves cleaning up of carpet and also cleaning up the rooms which are directly affected by the fire damage.
  5. Renovation and Repair: the next thing to do is to restore and repair the furniture and damage caused due to fire. If cabinets are destroyed due to fire, the fire restoration service will either replace such cabinets or replace them with a newer one. Carpets would similarly be installed new and walls will be painted back.