How blackout fabric could transform your home

There are certain things that take a home to the next level – subtle additions which make all the difference. Blackout curtains, with their numerous benefits, are an ideal way to make a small change with bags of advantages for you and your family.

Many people hear ‘blackout curtains’ and picture floor-length black drapes but, not to worry: there are countless stylish options to suit your home. Blackout fabric comes in a variety of colours (including white!) and can be made into curtains, blinds, and liners for your existing curtains, so you’ll be able to find something which works with your décor and looks great too.

The main advantage is in the name – simply put, blackout curtains (or blinds) block light. Made from specially-designed fabric, these heavy-duty curtains will stop light entering through the window, making them a perfect choice for a bedroom.

Light has a huge impact on sleep and your sleep quality – exposure to light causes the body to produce chemicals which make us feel alert, so sleeping in a room with lots of light pollution can lead to difficulty falling asleep, and poorer quality sleep throughout the night. With blackout fabric, however, light from outside is blocked – so whether you have a child who struggles to fall asleep in summer, or a poorly placed lamppost is outside your bedroom window, blackout curtains can help you sleep soundly.

You might not have realised, however, that the benefits of blackout fabric don’t stop there. Its thickness also helps to dampen noise, further contributing to more restful sleep and fewer disturbances. Few of us are blessed with living in a totally silent area, and whether it’s passing tractors or the buzz of a city outside, blackout curtains are a surprisingly simple solution to a common problem.

Now that we’ve explored the more obvious benefits of blackout curtains, what else is there? Well, surprisingly enough, they could also help lower your energy bills! The thickness of the blackout fabric helps to trap heat in a room when it’s cold outside – so you’ll be less likely to crank the thermostat up when it’s getting chilly. And in summer, they’ll insulate the room and block the sun’s rays from getting in, which means you won’t need any air conditioning either – it’ll be nice and cool, which can also help you get a better night’s sleep.

One thing to consider, too, is that while blackout curtains or blinds are an obvious choice for a bedroom, with their light- and sound-blocking qualities, they can be a smart choice for other areas of your home too. If you have a dining kitchen that gets chilly in winter or a living room which is close to a noisy train line and stopping you enjoying a film and a glass of wine in the evening, these curtains can be a savvy way to help fix these niggles and get the most out of your home.

Versatile, easy to install (just hang them the same as ordinary curtains!), customisable, and multi-purpose – blackout curtains, blinds, or liners are a beautifully simple way to transform how you use your home and make it work for you.