Intro to Spray Foam Rigs

Custom spray foam rigs are great because they are ready for immediate use by a contractor.

Spray foam rigs hold all the essential spray polyurethane foam (SPF) insulation equipment and tools you need in a handy portable unit.

Most often they contain a Generator, spray foam guns, hoses, and other related equipment. Using a mobile spray foam rig is a convenient way to keep all your spray polyurethane foam (SPF) insulation equipment in one place so that all the material you need for the insulation job is easily accessible.

Mobile spray foam rigs are a smart investment to any spray foam insulation business,” says Intech Equipment & Supply. These rigs make applying spray foam efficient and productive.

A well-made mobile spray foam rig will help you run your spray foam or insulation job smoothly.

Another advantage of having a spray foam rig for your SPF insulation business is that all of your equipment can be protected and stored in one place.

Types of mobile spray foam rigs

· Towable Spray Foam Trailers

For big SPF Insulation projects, you need to have spray foam rig specially designed for high-volume operations. These towable spray foam trailers are heavy and need a larger truck to be towed.

· Box Truck Spray Foam Rigs

Box Trucks are rigs are built within a box truck. They have larger storage capacity and can accommodate more equipment within the unit. A box truck spray foam rig is an ideal option for high-volume operations.

· Compact units

Compact units are smaller spray foam rigs. These compact units are custom mobile spray rigs for smaller spray foam insulation projects.

Learn more about spray foam rigs. Check out Intech Equipment’s online Spray Foam Rigs store.