Spray Foam Equipment You Must Have for Your Roofing Project

Choosing spray foam equipment for your roofing projects can be very challenging. A wrong choice may not only waste your time, but also your project can be costly. So, if you are not sure what type of spray foam equipment you need, then this post is for you. Here is some useful information to help you make a right choice.

1.     Finding the Right Generator

First things first, you must have a reliable generator for your spray foam rig. The SPF technology needs a constant source of power for the smooth operations. While you are searching for a reliable generator, you also need to review the total power requirement for each subcomponent in your SPF equipment. If you are confused what these components are? So, they can be a sprayer, a heater, air conditioner, lighting, air compressor and other essential devices and tools for your smooth operations. Keep in mind that it is also critical to install the elements and include an On/Off button, and a breaker panel for your project. It is going to cost you initially. However, it can save your time and stress during the operations. Build a wall which divides your generator and the area where your team is working on the project. This wall can also help you in exhausting the diesel fumes outside the mobile spray rig.

2.     Choose a High-Quality Air Compressor System and Dryer

You need a high-quality air compressor for SPF spray system. Considering a high-pressure breathing system because it can help you spraying tight areas where you can’t quickly reach. You can also use an electric air compressor for this job. You also need an electrical refrigerated dryer and moisture trap for your roofing project to dry or remove moisture that results from your air compressor.

3.     Other Supportive Equipment You Might Need (Minor but not Optional)

Once you choose a good quality generator and an air compressor, it is to time acquire the hand tools, power tools, roofing safety equipment and other necessary tools for your projects. Always go to leading suppliers in the spray foam industry. They have a variety of equipment such as spray guns, hoses, etc. for your roofing projects.

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