The Ultimate Checklist For A Child-Proof Bathroom

Just because the bathroom’s often the smallest room in the house doesn’t mean it can’t pose big safety risks. On the contrary, a typical bathroom contains many dangers that make it a hazardous zone for adults, let alone the little ones! So, today, we offer the ultimate checklist for a child-proof bathroom, ensuring your child can stay safe (and out of mischief!) during bathtime. Leaving no bathroom fixture or appliance unprotected, this article has got both of you covered.

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The door

Let’s begin at the beginning, shall we? When embarking on their latest expedition around the house and garden, it’s not uncommon for your little Christopher Columbus to stray into restricted territory. Installing a hook and eye lock out of reach of your child or placing a childproof cover over the doorknob is a great way to be sure your cheeky little monkey isn’t sneaking into somewhere they shouldn’t during their next adventure.

The toilet

You might not think it, but the toilet can be a big safety hazard to your child. Remember, kids are naturally investigative, uncoordinated and, in the case of very young children, very top-heavy. A curious baby leaning over to take a peek inside a toilet bowl (because who knows what kind of aweinspring wonders might be hidden inside?) can easily lose their balance, fall headfirst and be at risk of drowning. To prevent this, always keep the toilet lid down (yes, we’re looking at you,Dad) and consider installing a toilet lock that keeps the little ones from being able to lift the lid.

The sink

Though it’s unlikely that smaller children can reach the bathroom sink just yet, that’s not going to stop them trying. To be on the safe side, protect the taps in your bathroom with a tap strap to prevent any water-related disasters!

Furthermore, keep any cosmetics and medications, from antibiotics to mouthwash, well out of reach of your child. Placing them in a high bathroom cabinet above your sink is the best bet here, securing it with a child safety lock for extra reinforcement.

The bath

For a child, the bath is more than a functional tub – it’s a place of fun and imagination, where Action Man and Rory the rubber duck can begin their next underwater adventure together. In the midst of the excitement, though, safety is never at the forefront of your child’s mind.

Tackle this issue by taking all the necessary bathtub precautions. Place a non-slip rubber mat both in and outside of the bathtub to prevent slips and trips, creating ease of access for your child. Teach them the importance of remaining seated within the tub at all times, but don’t let this discourage a playful bathtime routine. Further bolster your bathroom safety by installing a non-slip flooring solution throughout that’ll give wandering little ones better grip underfoot, even when they’re fresh out the bath.

When running the bath, finding the right temperature is also of the utmost importance. Remember your child is going to be a lot more sensitive to water temperatures than you, so run their bath at a lower water temperature to reduce the chance of scalding – believe it or not, it can take just three seconds for your child to develop a serious burn.

The appliances

Arguably the most dangerous of all bathroom features, appliances that are left lying around your bathroom are extremely hazardous to the safety of your child. First off, don’t keep anything plugged in near the sink or bathtub. Though we’re taught this ourselves from a young age, it’s an easy thing to forget amongst the stress of looking after a child.

Something as simple as a hair dryer falling into the tub can have fatal consequences for child and parent alike, so consider being extra cautious by ensuring all devices are protected by a GFCI – an inexpensive sensor device that detects changes in currents and abruptly stops the flow of an electrical current. Either way, always keep bathroom appliances unplugged and out of reach when not in use – just to be on the safe side.

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By following these child-proofing tips, you can rest assured your bathroom is kitted out to the max to prevent any unnecessary accidents. However, it’s important to remember that, even in the safest rooms, your child should never be left unattended – especially in the bathroom. So, make sure they’ve always got a parent by their side during their next bathroom adventure!

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Moosa Adam works at 1 Click Bathrooms, the UK’s online one-stop shop that helps homeowners build their dream bathroom piece by piece.