Storage, switches, plugs, flooring … the list is long. Well before you need to hire a furniture removalist in Sydney to move to your new home, you should be thinking about the interior design of your future house as this is the key to success so that it is functional and pleasant to live in.

Once the building permit is accepted, the construction work of your house will soon start. 
If a part of the arrangements has already been decided, most of it still remains to be done: setting up your kitchen, choice of storage space, design of the electrical plan, choice of flooring … It is essential to think carefully about the configuration of your rooms and the amenities you want: this will make your home a comfortable place to live.

Project yourself, imagine yourself in your new home. Think about your lifestyle, your habits and your needs. A well thought out interior is the key to making your home your little cocoon.


With or without a central island? What type of storage: drawers, cupboards? Where to place your home appliances? … are all questions that you will have to answer in order for your kitchen to meet your needs and your lifestyle.

Here are some tips and advice:

  • To get the most out of natural light, the sink is usually positioned below the window. But beware of the faucet being too high, it would prevent you from opening your window!
  • Choose a pitch for your oven to protect your back from lumbago, and children from burns.
  • On the energy saving side, it is better to keep your refrigerator away from cooking stoves or radiators, to avoid a hefty bill.
  • As for flooring, tiling is proving to be the most practical thanks to its ease of cleaning. In addition, today there is a wide variety of tiles: imitation parquet etc.


The electric plane is not always easy to conceive. It is therefore important that you plan your future home to determine your needs and especially make your life easier!

  • To know where to position the RJ45 jacks and plug sockets (which include the connections for television, telephone and internet), it is essential that you have thought beforehand to the configuration of your living room or office.
  • It may be more convenient to distribute the outlets and the switches so as to have several possible arrangements.
  • On the corridor side, putting an electric plug to connect your vacuum cleaner and positioning a switch at each end can be very practical!
  • Do not forget the outdoors! Even if you do not want to build your terrace right away, it may be wise to plan the electrical sockets to avoid extra work.

Not easy to think of everything, so we hope these tips helped you prepare.