What You Must Know about Repairing Plantation Shutters

In time, you may discover that your plantation shutters require a few repairs. Luckily, these repairs are often small and can be fixed quickly without the need of a specialist.

In this article, we go over some tips and guideline on how to undertake repairs for your plantation shutters and what to expect. You might find that it is not as difficult as you might think and mostly requires a bit of your time and effort.

Damaged or missing louvre staples

Unless you got aluminium shutters in Australia ,  louvres are one of the most sensitive components in a window shutter assembly. Fortunately, the latter is a simple fix with just a few steps:

  1. Determine the type and size of the staple by measuring its’ length and width (the broken one). If the staple is missing, measure the distance between the entry holes. If you are unsure, it is best to purchase a longer staple that can be clipped down to the appropriate length. The replacement louvre staple ought to extend as far out as the other undamaged louvres.
  2. Install the replacement staple by moving the louvres into the most accessible position utilising the tilt rod. Move the assembly left and right until you find the best place.
  3. Place replacement staple. Move louvres to their full employment opportunity utilising the tilt rod. Move tilt rod left and right to figure out which direction is best. Use a plier to grip the crown of the replacement stable and pin it in place. As an added measure, use a small amount of superglue and apply steady and even pressure as you push the new staple unto the Louvre.
  4. In some cases, the tilt rod may have eyelets instead of staples. In this case, you will position the new staple unto the Louvre first. Carefully pry the aperture open then post the Louvre with the new staple into the tilt rod and hook the crown of the Louvre towards the hole. Bend the tilt rod eyelet back into place.

Damaged louvre

Another reason you might want to get into DIY plantation shutters repairs is a broken louvre. After identifying that a louvre needs to be replaced, the elimination and replacement of a new louvre can be carried out with a couple of simple steps:

  1. Separate grille from tilt rod. With a pair of wire snips, split the louvre staple at the centre of the crown. Reverse the staple to allow enough room to disengage the louvre from the tilt rod staple.
  2. Separate louvre from shutter frame. Find nylon pins on each side of the Louvre where it connects to the shutter frame. Using a knife, cut the bolt in half to free the louvre from the structure.
  3. Get rid of staples and pins. Grip staple pieces and nails with a set of vice grips. Pull pieces right out preventing any bending or prying– doing so might result in damages to the Louvre or shutter frame.

Replacing a louvre

In some cases, the louvres on your plantation shutters might be too damaged to fix and will need to be replaced. Here are some steps to follow to do just that:

  1. Insert replacement pins. Locate the pre-drilled slots on both sides of the replacement louvre. On the one hand, insert the thin end of the nylon pin. On the opposite end, add the flat end of the spring-loaded replacement pin.
  2. Bond louvre to shutter frame. With the louvre staple dealing with the tilt rod, embed the protruding end of the nylon pin into the pre-drilled opening located on the shutter support.
  3. Next, press the spring-loaded end of the replacement pin projecting from the other end of the Louvre and attach it to the opposite shutter frame hole. Listen for the spring-loaded replacement pin to click into the pre-drilled shutter hole once it is lined up.
  4. Append louvre to tilt rod. Transfer grilles to their open position utilising the tilt rod. Drive tilt rod left and right to figure out which directions will give you the best access to the Louvre. Use needle-nose pliers to grip the crown of the replacement louvre staple.
  5. Apply a drop of Superglue (Gel) to the top of both legs. Angle replacement staple and thread one leg through the staple situated on the tilt rod. Line staple legs up with existing holes on the Louvre. Apply even and steady pressure with pushing the replacement staple into the Louvre to ensure appropriate setup.