Windows: Sliding Vs. Double-Hung

Judging by most of the houses I see, double-hung windows seem to be the most common type of windows around. One can easily see that they represent the norm. However, windows that slide to the side (like a patio door) are becoming more popular in the home remodeling industry. As such, it is appropriate to contrast and compare the two for the sake of you, the distinguished reader.

The choice of opening the window from the bottom or from the side is not just a matter of personal preference. Think about whether anything is likely to be put through this window (garden hose, extension cord, etc.). Think about how high off the ground your window is and how tall you and your family are. Obviously, a shorter person would do better to choose the side-sliders. For a taller person, it really depends on how high the window is. Remember that these windows are raised from the bottom, so a tall person will have to bend down to grab the bottom edge.

When we consider height issues, the side sliders are a clear winner because they don’t require you to bend down or to raise up on tiptoe. For those with back issues, the side sliders also emerge as the clear winner.

Another issue is the fact that double-hung windows don’t always stay up once raised. I have two windows in my home that require a stick to prop them open. While this is not a big inconvenience, a side sliding window eliminates it nicely by working with gravity instead of against it.

There are a couple of areas in which double-hung windows seem to be advantageous is expense and ease of cleaning. As these are the most common type of window on the market, they usually tend to be cheaper. Most double-hung windows made today can be tilted inward so that you can clean the outside of the window from the inside. Most sliding windows do not have this feature.

Also, most air conditioning units are designed for use in a traditional-size window. In any case, it is completely pointless to pay a little extra money for a sliding glass window only to plug it up with an air conditioning unit. Once again, this comes back to the idea of evaluating your choice based on your own individual needs.

In terms of energy efficiency, it is all a matter of insulation and thickness. Like sliding doors, sliding windows can be a source of energy loss, just as double-hung windows can be. The energy loss on glass windows and doors, whether sliding or double-hung, can be mitigated with thicker glass (double or triple pane is best) and good insulation.

For horizontal sliding windows Cincinnati OH has many good options to choose from. I would recommend looking for a dealer that offers good, strong. double or triple paned window options that can withstand winds of at least 200 MPH. You also want to look for triple and quadruple weather stripping if it is available.