6 Simple Tips For Organizing Your House Renovation

6 Simple Tips For Organizing Your House Renovation

The task of home renovation is not as easy as people think it is. A critical look at the major features that make up a whole house renovation will produce a sense of what is involved.

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Based on this expertise, we shall take a look at six simple tips for organizing your house renovation.

  1. Design and Planning

A full-blown architectural sketch on how the renovation will be carried out is quite essential at the conception stage of this project. This is very important to avoid costly mistakes during the execution process of the project. First, a critical list of projects that can be executed by yourself and those that will be outsourced to professionals must be drawn and ensure to ask for a valuation from experts. This will help manage the resource at hand to carry out your renovation. In addition to this, trusted professionals or contractors must be sourced for those projects you do not want to do yourself, to avoid shocking tales. Considering the laws within your locality, it is advisable to seek permits before commencement.

  1. Address Issues Around Roofing, Water, Windows, and Foundation Structure

Having done your renovation design and planning, what is next is to dive into the renovation of large projects. This is because subsequent projects can not survive without them. For instance, ensure that your home foundation (by inspecting for weakening walls, joists among others) is secured to avoid structural issues. After this, you are to ensure the roofing and windows are replaced, in case of any serious damage. Then the siding should be properly checked to avoid infiltration of water on the wall surface of the building

  1. Carpentry Work

Carpentry is very important for the operation of other works like walls, doors, and windows installation. For instance, a new framing needs to be added before installing a new construction window. Other activities in carpentry work include removal of old doors and punching in new doors, constructing new walls, and moving walls.

  1. Installation of HVAC Ductwork, Electrical And Plumbing Work

This operation needs to be done when the walls and ceiling are open. The opening will allow the engineer to install ductwork for central heating and air conditioning. It is also during this period that plumbing and electrical systems will be run by experts.

  1. Application of Interior Painting, Wallpaper, And Other Surface Finishes

The activities of painting interior walls, placing wallpapers, trimming and molding and other surface finishes should be among the last indoors operations because their initial execution can damage other works of yours. This decision is tantamount to whether to start painting before flooring or vice versa, and it is known that doing painting first might be damaged by sanders from the floor.

  1. Flooring

This operation needs to be carried out at the end of the whole renovation process to prevent the flooring surface from damage and tough stains. This type of flooring may take the form of solid hardwood, tile, engineering wood, laminate among others.


It is quite essential to know that house renovation takes a sequential process as failure to comply with the tips highlighted above may result in unnecessary delays and sub-standard renovations, which at the end can cost the homeowner in one way or the other.