7 World’s Best Designed Buildings from Top Architects

Every creation comes from some of the best minds in the world. These creations are integrated with society as magnificent buildings. Every building design is unique, and each is capable of telling a story. In today’s society, there are at least two criteria in determining the best building: first is its safety and structure and the second is its design. If you are up and coming Guernsey architects, you definitely need to know this.

The Most Beautiful Structures in The US

The United States is one big country, and it shouldn’t be a surprise that it has some of the most beautiful structures in the world. The Morphosis in Dallas Texas boasts a five-story cube structure, sheathed in panels of beautifully textured concrete. The architect, Thom Mayne, is a Pritzker Prize winner because of his innovative and out of the box structure. Thomas Mayne has created more than just one beautiful architecture, and the Morphosis is no exception to his talent.

The hustle and bustle of New York City don’t stop architects from creating one of the best-designed museums in the world. The Parrish Art Museum is a gem amongst the New York skyscraper, and it’s got heads turning in every direction. The museum has a beautiful double-gable roof of white corrugated metal, making space look very spacious and bright. The museum’s design integrates both traditional and modern concepts, keeping everything looking fresh and familiar at the same time.

The Parrish Art Museum also has some of the best interiors. The inside has a beautiful natural-wood ceiling, which contributes to the modern and bright design aesthetic. Moreover, the abundant skylight in the roof of the auditorium makes an excellent venue for anything

Traveling Across the Globe to Asia

Asia has some of the best and most vibrant cultures in the world. It shouldn’t be a surprise that Asia also has some of the best structures which reflects the culture of every country. Asia is a great place to find the beauty in every traditional and modern design.

Coming to the top of the most beautiful structure in Asia is Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay. The area is trendy among locals, and tourists are sure to flock to this area. The Wilkinson Eyre Architects are responsible for this beautiful and intricate structure. The unique construction makes it a unique botanical garden as well, and an experience one will never forget.

Making it on the list as one of Asia’s beautiful structure is the Guangzhou Opera House. The opera house is home to many brilliant performances, thanks to the superb craftsmanship of the Zaha Hadid Architects. The opera house consists of two fluid-form structures and can seat nearly a thousand people. The building stands out because of its beautiful and complex steel-framed glass and granite panels, looking like a futuristic complex.

The Quiet Life in London

The list wouldn’t be complete without the beautiful structures of Europe. There are also many different areas in Europe; it’s too hard to choose which boasts the most majestic architecture. Making it to the list is the Shard, the most beautiful and tallest structure in Western Europe. The structure has a unique eight angled glass façade, and each glass angle reflects the beautiful city of western Europe. The façade is pretty simple, yet it reflects the sky and city at the same time. You can see also that the glass can look almost crystal clear, giving you a chance to view some of the offices, and apartments inside.

Another unique structure worth visiting is the Harpa Concert Hall in Ireland. The quiet and sleepy harbor of Ireland will never be the same because of this structure. It has a beautiful kaleidoscope façade of multicolor glass, and it transforms into a beacon of beauty at night because of its LED lights. The structure is captivating as it is enchanting, luring tourists and locals alike.

Highest and Most Beautiful Structures of the UAE

The United Arab Emirates is a front liner to some of the most beautiful and tallest structure in the world. The Skidmore building in Dubai stands as the tallest structure in the world, with 162 floors and nearly 2,717 feet above the ground. Besides looking beautiful, the building is supported by some of the most durable materials with a high design component.

The world is home to some of the most beautiful minds and structures out there. Thanks to technology, every imagination can come to life. All it takes are a few years to make the impossible, possible especially for Guernsey architects.