Do You Need To Know Mathematics For Interior Design?

Do You Need To Know Mathematics For Interior Design?

You might be planning to get a house and you want to design the house yourself? It is also likely you wish to study interior design and you want to be sure if you need to know mathematics before you can be an interior designer. The straight answer to this question is No. You do not need to know maths before you can become an interior designer or before you can design your own home. As an interior decorator, you can search for American online flower delivery services on US-Reviews.

Interior decoration is more of an art as opposed to a science. Hence, as is the case with most art courses, you don’t need to know a lot of mathematics before you can start designing a home. While you cannot completely escape mathematics when you want to be an interior designer, you don’t need to be an expert or a professor of maths to design homes.

The major area of interior design that needs mathematics is making your quotation. The maths you need here is simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. This is a type of mathematics that you should already be familiar with at elementary school. You won’t be finding cosine of angles and tangents of the line just because you want to decorate your home. You only need to be able to list the materials they will need, what they will cost, multiply quantity than cost, and when a client requests for an item to be removed, you subtract it from the total. This is a type of maths we do daily when we board vehicles and when we go to grocery stores among others.

If there is any natural skill or knowledge you should be concerned about having if you want to be an interior decorator, it should be the ability to use colors properly. You should be able to by mere thinking about it, know that color will complement another color and that another color will not complement a color. This way, you won’t have finished buying the products you want to use to decorate a home, only to find out the colors don’t match. The delays from trying to make returns as well as the difficulties that can come with returning purchased products can easily limit you. Hence, the major skill you will need as an interior designer is to be good at art. Be able to know the type, style, and color of products that would match with a new or existing home theme.

Apart from knowing how to use colors and match products to get the right results, you should be able to arrange things. When you see a space, you should know the best place for the television and other electronics, the best place for the 3-seater, and the best place for every other item that will be placed in the room. You should know what else can be introduced to make space look better, and where applicable, what can be subtracted to achieve a better look for the room.

You should also be very good at expressing yourself. This will require knowing the language of the person you are dealing with. In the USA, that will be the English language. In other countries, it could be French, Spanish, or Latin. You should be able to clearly explain the picture you have in your mind in a way that the person you are explaining to will be able to get the picture. Customers will always have suggestions, ideas about how they want their home to look and would want to know what to expect before you start. You should be able to understand them, work towards helping them get their dream interior design while correcting and improving their ideas where necessary.