How to Safely Dispose of Oil from Your Garage

Changing your own oil may be convenient and affordable but it leaves you with the responsibility of disposing of oil from your garage. You may be tempted to pour the oil down a drain or throw it away, but that is a bad idea. Oil is full of heavy metals and contaminants that could be harmful to the environment. It may also stick to our driveway or garage floors and create a stain. A modern-day car takes up a lot of oil so it would be wasteful to discard old oil every time you change it. There are plenty of ways you can make use of your old oil

How to Dispose Your Old Oil

  • Take it to an Auto Parts Store

Most auto part stores accept limited quantities of used oil. You can take it to them for proper disposal. Find out how much oil they accept and when they accept it. If you have a lot of used oil, you can take bits of it to different auto parts stores in your area. If you can find auto garages that use old oil, you can sell your oil to them. They use the heating oil mostly in winter using a conversion kit. You may use the waste oil to heat up your own garage during cold seasons if you have the conversion kit.

  • Take it to a Recycling Centre

Some recycling centres accept used oil. Instead of dumping your oil into the environment and causing pollution, recycling centres may help you turn it back into usable oil. That is not only cheap but also sustainable. It reduces the need of having to drill new sources in search of oil.

  • Use it as a Lubricant

You can store your used oil and use it as lubricant for treating or preventing corrosion of hand tools, and locks. You can pour it into a spray bottle to make it easier to use.

  • Chainsaw Fuel

If you mix your used oil with gasoline, you can use it as fuel for your chainsaw. It will produce a lot of smoke but it is economical and it does not harm your engine.

Hazardous Waste Disposal Centre

If you have no use for your old gas, you should store it in a tight, leak-proof container. Make sure that you do not spill it. Talk to your local municipal officials and find out where the nearest hazardous waste disposal centre is. In most cases, they will have a specified place to dispose of your motor oil. If you have waste oil filters, you can dispose of them in the same place.

Use it on Diesel Engine

Diesel vehicles, especially old ones, can use your old fuel to run. You need to take it under very careful filtration first. Mix it with some fuel and change it regularly.

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