Inspirational Examples Of Furniture Design

Inspirational Examples Of Furniture Design

Furniture is important to interior design for both functional and aesthetic reasons. Homes, rooms and offices are partitioned portions of space, and furniture helps to give a balanced view of such space. Furniture adds a tangibility to any space and is therefore important to determine the use and function of the space.

Whether you are remodelling or decorating an entirely new space, one of the first things to do is to envision what your result will be. If you need some ideas, researching through review sites like is suggested as it provides organic and firsthand experiences and information that might make your project more seamless.

After you have a clear picture of what you want the house/office/bedroom/building to look like, the next step is how to source for your design products. Choosing a design store can be done physically or online, but we suggest that you compare different stores before settling for anyone, and when possible, you can even shop in multiple places so far you have a theme to work with.

Some inspirational ideas of furniture designs to consider in the modern world are

Expandable/ malleable tables

Furniture has moved away from one-way designs to designs that can be repurposed to serve a variety of functions. Today, many artists are expressing themselves through the design of artistic but functional furniture. For instance, the Capstan Table, designed by David Fletcher, is a simply designed circular table that can expand to a larger size without losing its form. With designs like this, you can go from an intimate family dinner into a boardroom arrangement within minutes.

Another example is the foldable desk designed by Mette Karina Johansen, which is made of metal and stretched leather that serves as a linear support base that moulds itself around the items it holds.

Staircase storage

 If you have to maximize space, you have a small home or you are just out of storage space, this furniture piece is for you. It is a vertical set of drawers that can be climbed like a ladder to access the higher compartments. Originally designed by Danny Kuo, different versions of the staircase storage have been designed by others to serve a wider audience.

Irregular-shaped bookshelves

From foldable bookshelves to those designed after animals, the aesthetics that bookshelves add to any space is now being amplified by some amazing new designs. For instance, there is a bookshelf concept by Natasha Frishkorn, which involves the use of six planks of wood that can be adjusted to hold a variety of objects in different dimensions.

Another is a design by Dutch studio, Atelier 010 which incorporates a light bulb to encourage late-night reading, alongside its unique design and shape to deliver both functionality and aesthetics.

Chairs made from unlikely materials

If you have ever soaked in a bathtub before, you should understand the concept behind this design. The bathtub sofa, designed by Restore, is an example of an artistic and inspirational furniture design. It is made from a vintage cast iron bathtub, then upholstered with foam and fabric to produce a unique sitting room piece.

You could also consider a piece of two-in-one furniture called the Bada table, designed by Ecosystems which can be easily transformed from a table to a loveseat.

The above-listed examples do not even begin to scratch the surface of furniture products available for creating unique designs for any space, which is why it is advisable to research extensively. No matter how bizarre the design you want or imagine, there will be someone, somewhere who has either designed and produced it, or is willing to produce it for you.